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North Australian Cattle Company (NACC) has announced a new joint venture between  Fanda Australian Cattle Industrial Co Ltd (Fanda) and existing NACC management.

Previously owned by Elders, NACC is now owned and operated independently, with a clear focus on its customer relationships.
NACC general manager Patrick Underwood said the partnership reinforced the Company’s commitment to its ongoing Australian and overseas customers.

“Our focus is to continue our supply of quality livestock to our existing clients across South East Asia, and continue to support these key relationships we’ve built over many years,” Mr Underwood said.

“Given the extent of these relationships with overseas customers, Australian producers, and governments, a joint venture made sense,” he said.

“Australia has a reputation for supplying the best cattle in the world, and through a formal supply agreement with Elders, NACC’s access to quality cattle through the Elders network will remain.”

“In addition to NACC’s existing markets and customers, the new partnership between NACC and Fanda means we now have an incredible opportunity to explore opportunities in China as this market develops.”

Fanda Chairman, Clement Ko said the company is excited about its investment in the NACC business and working with the new team.
“We have great faith in the potential of the market into China and the continuation of the business into South East Asia, and we see the investment in NACC as a natural precursor to the market growing for Australian cattle,” Mr Ko said.

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